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    Set output path when compiling css to swf


      I'm using Flex builder 3 under windows vista, and I'm experiencing the following problem:
      Our application uses dynamic skins. The css files are compiled to swf's and loaded at runtime. This all works fine, but when I export a release build, Flexbuilder puts my style swf files in "export/Users/username/documente/etc" I want to configure flexbuilder to put the skins under "export/skins". Now I have to manually copy them (and do this each time a css changes... grrrr). Why not leave them where they are? Becuase on mac the skins won't load if the path is "Users/..."!
      So, anyone knows if this is possible?
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          ntsiii Level 3
          This forum is for Flex 1.5 (note the forum name) and is virtually abandoned. you should post this in the Flex General discussions forum.

          That said, except to know you are not alone, this won't make you happy, but I experience the same thing. I have not attempted to find a solution, because my CSS is mostly cooked and I don't need to compile or manually move it much any more.

          I will be interested to see if you find a solution.