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    Flash Buttons in Flex

    manofspirit Level 1
      Hello all

      I actually designed a navigation bar which dispatch events like, doZoom
      I loaded this flash file in Flex using SWFControl

      Now please guide me, how can i capture events dispatched from SWF File and do accordingly

      Thanks a lot
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          Peter Hahmann Level 1
          You'll need to add listeners to your swfloader content..I cant remember now which is the property you should access to get the control of your flash components (id you debug your app it'll be very easy, because i've done the same). Just remember that everything should be in AS3 and if you intend to access components inside your swf, they should have the linkage property enabled.

          If you don't find you answer in the next 5hours, e-mail me, because then i'll have my notebook with an example of it.


          ps. phahmann@gmail.com
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            manofspirit Level 1
            Thanks a lot peter :), im on it
            will let u know the outcome soon