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    video delay, requires rollover & click

      This is a strange one. The videos created by camtasia, which worked for our last release, now start running, but do not display upon clicking. The video author has changed some file names for us, but that didn't affect the ones that work vs those that don't.

      Here's the sequence: the camtasia program provides an htm, a swf, an xml, and a controller file. Sometimes also a gif, not always. The gif or lack has never seemed to make a difference. The htm file is imported into the html section of RH; the others are brought into the baggage file. The htm is dragged onto the words "show me" in the various topics.

      Normally, the user clicks "show me" and the video begins. Now what happens is that the empty frame appears, and only after you do a mouse rollover and click does the video display start. However, it's obvious that the video has already started, just is not being displayed until you click the empty display area.

      What could this be?

      Thank you,
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Linda

          When you roll the mouse over the video and pause, do you see a nifty little yellow "tooltip" type gizmo pop up that advises to click or press the spacebar to "activate" the control?

          My guess is that this is what is going on. This is a result of a recent court ruling that stated Microsoft must change the way controls such as these are handled. So you can thank whoever decided to sue Microsoft on that one.

          There are ways around it. Typically you wrap things in JavaScript (I think).

          Take a look at the following links:
          Link one
          Link two
          Link three

          Cheers... Rick
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            catamaran Level 1
            Thanks, Rick! That was the problem, and the download for my machine cleared it right up. I'll work on the javascript for the users. Appreciate your quick reply, and grateful that you knew about a fix.