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    Shape Layers, Undo, and Disk Cache


      I recently updated to AE and am having major issues with my compositions updating after using shape layers and undoing actions. It might be more widespread than just shape layers.


      Example situation:


      I'll have a sphere I translate left to right on the screen.


      I'll decide I want to translate it only halfway across the screen and make the adjustment.


      Not satisfied with the result, I'll undo to the full translation animation.


      Undo occurs properly in the timeline with values setting back to the circle fully translating across the scene.


      However, the composition will still show the circle going half-way.


      Okay, let's do a purge. No result


      Let me turn off the layer's visibility. No result, still see everything and nothing is updating (caps lock is not on). RAM preview shows circle animating half-way across screen still.


      Multiple undos and redos have no effect. Soloing a layer has no effect.


      Only solution is restarting After Effects.



      It's not repeatable 100% of the time, but it's happening very often. Anyone else have similar situation? I'm super frustrated in not having a stable version of After Effects for the last several iterations. I updated AE to fix the audio playing issue and I end up encountering this. I'll consider getting a video recording to show the issue tomorrow.