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    How to fill this yellow gap area?


      Hi! Here is a question on regarding a project im working on!( Sorry about that face mask though," director's issue")

      1.jpgSo i need to fill/match/cover-up yellow area i have marked here in a scene of approx 1 minute! where camera pans and zooms and even shakes and those two characters comes in between the area! An FBI Investigation/Ride scene! So i tried using clone stamp tool in "Adobe After Effects CS" and found that as i was filling that gap my work was unstable! and glitter/shininess was not there! which is one heck of an problem! it lacks originality! This original scene looks like  a set! i need to make sure that it looks a bit original! Hope you understand what im saying! Yellow area needs to be filled exactly like red and white carpet dress! and roof to be filled too! i tried 3D camera track and it was pain! Is there anything i can do? to complete this! i have no idea about this! Please help me

      Thank you


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You could try to do a camera track and simply place a suitable 3D layer in the shot, which of course will have to have a similar panel structure like the rest of the wall... This may even work strictly as a 2D replacement, but without seeing the shot in motion it's difficult to judge these things... Otherwise masking out the actors and replacing the entire background would be the ultimate solution...



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            Abhijith_ Level 1

            Thank you This video actually rotates like 160/250 degree! and zooms towards characters!! Sorry im not able to upload video!! inbuilt 3D camera tracker wasn't able to track it down! so to track it do i need to use any other tracking software! if so may i know which software!! please

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              This looks like a job  for Mocha.  You will need to do some Roto to separate the actors from the background and some corner pin tracking on the back wall to build your insert. The hardest part is going to be getting a good and believable insert to fill the hole. There's a tutorial floating around out there that I could not locate that shows a camera move and some background replacement where the actors are in front of a warehouse at night and they needed to fix some problems with windows. I could not find the tutorial but this one shows how to do some background replacement and should get you started.


              new mocha tutorial! Horizon replacement and roto in motion tracking on Vimeo