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    Is AIR the right app for this?  SWF arguments

    tSpark Level 1
      I'm building a fairly simple AIR kiosk application that simply plays videos on a display in a store. I've been struggling with one main issue for several days, and I am wondering if I should even be using AIR to begin with. Here's the issue...

      I'm using AIR 1.5 and HTML/JavaScript.
      I want to play FLV videos using a SWF. This is the same thing you would do if you were embedding an FLV file in a Web page. So, the SWF I have (I've tried 4 different ones) has an argument that you pass in that is the video file name. This is done through the FlashVars param...

      <param name="FlashVars" value="flvname=my_flv_file&amp;autoPlay=true" />

      This works great when I run this app as an HTML file in a Web browser. When I put it in AIR, the video does not play.

      As I mentioned, I have tried 4 different SWF FLV players. In all cases, the SWF loads, but the FLV video will never play. There is no error message anywhere that I can find.

      Is what I am trying to do even possible? Is it the case that a SWF file in AIR cannot read an external FLV file? I also noticed that it does not load skin files for the players I have used. So, my conclusion seems to be that the SWF cannot access any local files.