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    Changing files to PNGs... nothing but trouble

      I imagine our agency is in the same boat as many others: we design websites in Photoshop, and have traditionally used ImageReady to slice up the file for web use.

      Now that ImageReady has gone, we're happy to use Fireworks for slicing... but when it automatically converts it to a PNG (non-layered in Photoshop) we suddenly can't edit the file if the client requires it.

      This is just ridiculous. You're forcing designers comfortable with Photoshop to ignore it completely -- something that just won't happen, especially as we use Photoshop for other design jobs. Fireworks may be great for those that use it religiously, but as a stand-alone slicing tool it's just awful.

      This is the first Adobe upgrade I've had in my career where I've considered rolling back to a previous version. Very, very disappointed. Either make Fireworks PSD compatible, or bring back ImageReady.