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    version migration, shared ssl, session variables

    Angst Dei
      I'm migrating a shopping cart application from Cold Fusion 4.5 to a new server running MX 7, and have run into a weird problem transferring session variables.

      Basically, there's two sites running on one physical server. The catalog, and then the shared ssl checkout pages. I'll call them catalog.com and sharedssl.com.

      Under 4.5, if I passed CFID & CFTOKEN in a link from identically named applications on catalog.com to sharedssl.com, the session and all its associated variables would transition seamlessly forward. Under MX, this is no longer happening. The *very first page* on sharedssl.com (the one that was directly passed CFID & CFTOKEN) will have access to those variables, but any subsequent pages on sharedssl.com will just throw errors.

      Looking at the debugging info, it's obvious that under MX a new CFID and CFTOKEN are being assigned when the user goes to sharedssl.com, regardless of the session id that was passed on; as soon as the "old" CFID & CFTOKEN aren't being explicitly mentioned, the "new" ones take over, resulting in a completely blank session.

      Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Is there a simple fix?

      I have some ideas on how to make this work, but I'd really like to keep this projection a "migration," and not, ie., a "rewrite." I guess I'm wondering whether there's a configuration checkbox I'm unaware of, or perhaps some arcane option in cfapplication that will restore the old behavior.

      Thanks for any help,