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    Webhelp search issues in Safari on iPad - any fixes in RH 2015?

    KFarrelly Level 1

      I currently use RH 9. Experimenting with trial of RH 2015. Several issues exist with the search tab in Webhelp run in Safari on iPad -- the same issues that exist in WebHelp I produced in RH9. Are these issues Adobe would ever consider fixing? Or not fixable due the frames of WebHelp output? I have tried Responsive HTML help as an alternative but the drawback I face there is a long time delay with the iPad keyboard recognizing letters I enter in the search field.


      Issue 1 - keyboard doesn't close automatically after I click Search or Go on the keyboard (or after I click the search icon). Not huge deal since I can manually close keyboard.


      Issue 2 - When the search tab first displays, some properties in the header of search tab are cut off from view. I found a thread earlier today suggesting a work around (manually change a height value in output file), but now can't locate the thread.

      Issue 3 - After a search has been executed, the length of the search field expands right and out of view, also pushing the search icon out of view.