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    using Indesign to make greeting cards with many templates for individual dealers -- content is the same


      Hi, I want to offer several hundred different cards (paper, size, layout and content the same) but have a different version of each card for each different store. This way there can be a "sold by" and logo on the back of each card that mines the same library of stock greeting cards and artwork.


      I have a master layout in Indesign. On this goes the picture box and several text boxes. One of those text boxes is the page number, which serves as the stock (or reorder) number. There may be several hundred pages, each with a different caption and photo. Now I want a third dimension to this, which is to have several dozen different store's logos to choose from that appear on the back of each one of these cards.


      In other words, I want to be able to print the inventories for each dealer with their own imprint, but have the cards otherwise be the master library. This is because the individual pages are frequently revised and I don't want more than one version of each page to have to fix every time i want to add, remove or revise page content.


      Thomas Robinson