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    Import and synchronisation are broken on the new upgrade


      I upgraded Lightroom last night.  Now I can't import images properly.  I attempted to import a two sets of images from shoots today.  One imported okay, the other didn't.  When I tried again, Lightroom states that the images are already imported and refuses to import.  Well I can't see them in the library!!   I tried synchronising the folder - same problem.  It thinks the images are already imported so refuses to import them again.  I tried renaming the folders and synchronising - still no joy.   So now I am completely unable to edit these images in lightroom - very inconvenient.

      If there were a setting to allow importing duplicates, as in the previous version, I could have gotten round this problem, but there appears to be no such facility on the new version so I am stumped.

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          deepakg1988 Adobe Employee



          Please go to the catalog setting and make sure that the back up is selected to each time Lightroom exits.

          When you will close the Lightroom it will give you the option to back up the catalog.

          Make sure integrity is checked out and click on the back up, it will backup the catalog ans also will check the integrity of the catalog.

          The Back Up Catalog dialog box


          Restart the Lightroom and check you are to find the images in the library.