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    The lightroom catalog "lightroom catalog cannot be opened because it is to new to be used by this version of lightroom. Would you like to select a different catalog?


      Ahhhh! Someone please help me! I spent hours last night on chat with adobe and only seem to have a bigger problem now.


      I was using the 30 day free trial, I attempted to put in my serial number and it showed invalid. At the advice of adobe, I uninstalled and reinstalled via a link they provided, version 5.7. Serial number was accepted. When I tried to open LR, it gave the above error. Then the program closes. I have no idea what to do. I have uninstalled the program again and am in the process of installing through creative cloud instead of the link provided from adobe.


      I am a new photographer needing to edited sessions, I hope someone can help me!! I am not computer savvy enough to get in deep with this on my own.


      Thanks in advance!!