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    Clipping Mask in Captivate 4?

      Hi all, I'm fairly new to Captivate, so please excuse this and future stupid questions. :)

      I've got a slide that has a number of roll over slidelets to show pictures of the various topics that are listed.

      Is there a way to make a rectangle in Captivate that acts as a clipping mask? I'd like to make some of my photos larger but not show beyond the border of the rectangle.

      Thanks for any help,
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Jason

          I think I understand what you are wanting. To do this, try creating an image that is sized identically to your project (or rollover slidelet area if that's what you are using). I would use Microsoft Paint to do this, but you may use any image editor you like. Just create a large image with the area you wish the image to show in the center. Color the outside rectangle as you like, but use a specific solid color in the center. Then insert that image into your slide (or slidelet) in front of everything else. Configure the center color as transparent.

          Hopefully this helps you solve it... Rick