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    Camera raw plug-in need in LR-6

    GrafixerStudio Level 1

      I   am using Photoshop CS-6 and just updated LR-6. It does not open the image in Photoshop as it tells me I need camera raw 9.0. I already updated to that version and it still gives me the same warning.

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          deepakg1988 Adobe Employee



          Please open the Photoshop program click on the help and choose about plugin> Camera raw (Windows)

          on Mac, click on the Photoshop next to the Mac icon and click Photoshop choose about plugin > camera raw.


          Please check what is the version of the Camera Raw



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            GrafixerStudio Level 1

            Thank you for getting back to me. I have the 9.1.1 version on my photoshop. However, when I open an image in LR-6, it ask me Camera Raw 9.2


            On the other hand I just read on Adobe’s forum page, that the CS6 will have only the 9.1.1 as the last update. Should I still update my camera raw to 9.2 or just leave it and ignore the warning sign? I really do not need new camera profile, and since I do not use the CC version of any Adobe program, I would not need any “dehisce” feature either. Can you please advice me?