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    edit in photoshop (command E) not responding

    beverlybeverly Level 1

      Any idea why LR suddenly won't communicate with CS 6?  I highlight two or three images in Library module, then do command E or use the pull down menu to Photo, Edit In, Merge to Panorama in Photoshop.

      Nothing happens.

      For several years now I have used this feature dozens and dozens of times.

      But yesterday it stopped responding.



      By the way, it's probably a communication error(?) since photomerge works within Photoshop (File, Automate, photomerge).

      How can I get them to talk to each other?


      I'm on a four year old 27" iMac, 16 GB memory, OS X 10.8.5.

      Using CS 6 and LR 5.7.1

      Camera Raw 8.7.1 which usually I don't go through.


      Please can you help?