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    Jpg to DNG option

    Darrall Level 1

      I have set up my Lightroom CC to read my original jpg files in a complete folder tree structure which mirrors my Collection folder structure. This would enable me to retain control of my photos even if the Lightroom catalogue was lost (I do backup everything). I can therefore view my photos as slideshows on TV by pointing my WiFi connection to these folders directly. Unfortunately of course, this loses all my corrections. So I have to export each slideshow to duplicate the corrected files in another HDD location.

      Is there any way to access the corrected files without having to duplicate them, perhaps by converting the jpgs to DNG which have correction data installed.

      BTW,  I never use the so called SLIDESHOW video option since the zoom function has a bug which refuses to expand smaller cropped photos to full screen so that slideshows end up a hodgepodge of different size photos. How about a fix, Adobe?

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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Lightroom stores all edits as separate text instructions in the catalog. They are not baked into the file itself, and the original file always remains unchanged.


          The only way to make edits visible in other applications is to Export the file, making a copy with adjustments. This is irrespective of format.


          It seems to me you're swimming upstream and try to use Lightroom for something it wasn't intended to. Does your camera shoot raw files? That's what Lightroom is made for, and raw files will give you a whole other level of quality and flexibility. Jpeg is just added, secondary support.