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    change font family without losing styles or attributes


      I could do this in Indesign CS6, but am not able to with Indesign CC.


      Here's the issue: Previously in CS6 I could copy and paste a body of text and preserve the formatting /styles of certain text. For instance, all text was in Arial but some of it was Arial bold or in italics. Then if I needed to change the font, I could select entire text box and choose a new font, let's say Helvetica. The text would all change to Helvetica, but the italics would stay italic and the bold would stay bold (as long as the new font family supported the same styles).


      Now with CC, when I do the same action as above it changes everything to the same style -- so I loose all styles/formatting -- everything becomes Helvetica regular. It is not very efficient to go back through paragraphs and reapply styles to selected text.


      Any ideas how to do this with latest Indesign CC?