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    Forum-style User Posts within WebHelp

      Is there a way to on every page of a posted WebHelp system, to enable users to add comments that will display within that Help system, hopefully also displaying their name and number of posts, etc?
      It sounds unlikely to me, but da boss has asked and since it's Web-based and all, I thought to pry into your intelligence-filled minds for guidance.

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi clayti. I didn't get much sleep last night so my brain certainly doesn't feel full of intelligence but I'll try and guide you none the less. What your boss seems to misunderstand is the purpose of a help file. It's not a forum which has a different purpose. You can however build in a feedback link/form that allows them to send the author comments on the content/usability/etc. This is relatively easy. What this won't give you is the number of visits/name/etc. This may appease your boss.
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            Hi clayti,

            While I agree with Colum that help systems aren't designed to be forum-like, I think the future of help might be. As systems become more and more complex, I suspect help will become more and more interactive will real people. Nothing really beats the concept of a community of experts. I suspect that some of our help authoring colleagues are already using this forum in lieu of their help files, which is ironic since we are all help authors.

            That said, while you can't incorporate forums into your help you certainly can place a link to them on your pages. You would need to get the forum software up and running on your website and then just point to it from the help. I do this from compiled help but only from one page (how to get more help topic) and only point to the front end and not to specific forums.