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    Discrepancy between Show in Finder photo location and Source Pathway on left screen


      Here is how my organisation looks in LR:


      How Folders Are Organized in LR.png


      And this is what the Import on the left side looks like:


      Import Into Saigon Day 1 Folder.png


      When I go to a photo such as the one in LR above and ask “Show in Finder” I get the following:

      Show in Finder .png


      I have no idea how a Desktop folder got in to the Paul Lightroom Catalog Folder (I set this up to show my photographer friend some of my photos before I left), but it is somehow getting my photos now when I load them.

      The correct storage I want is:


      Desired location for LR photos.png



      When I go to Import the right upper corner shows:

      Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 10.16.24 PM.png


      Is this a problem with the Destination Location set in the right upper corner below Macintosh HD? I am saving my photos on an external drive and they all seem to be in that Paul Lightroom, etc folder.


      Also, when I go to a file (see below) it thinks these are all new photo, when in fact I have already imported them and made some changes in Develop.


      LR thinks these are all new.png


      I just don’t want to lose all my changes I make on the trip so far and I don’t know if this setup will confuse my Catalog. I don’t understand the discrepancy between where I think I am importing my photos and the Show in Finder location, et.

      Thanks for any help.