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    Designing a Continuing Ed Accredited Class

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      Hi everyone.


      I hope this question is appropriate for this forum, if not can someone direct me to the right area


      New to the list and just getting started in the realm of e-learning.  I have been gathering content (written, photos, HD video, animations) for several years now in anticipation of creating an on-line learning course, one that would be certified by a number of accrediting bodies for CE credit.


      Here's my question:  Is there any consistency or standards that various accrediting bodies use with regards to certifying a course?  By standards I mean something like testing a user's knowledge with an in line quiz after 15 minutes of instruction - and how is the testing verified?  Are there on-line or off-line resources that you could point me to that could jump start my understanding of how this all works?


      Thanks for your help.