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    Move to new PC - ACR 9.2 shows what looks like 256 colour mode...?

    davidl91524267 Level 1

      Have installed Adobe CC on 2nd PC, and whilst everything looks ok, and appears to function just like it does on the original PC, I have one major problem.

      On the 2nd PC, when a .NEF / .JPG file is loaded into Camera Raw it appears like....(what I can only feel it looks like anyway)  ... is a 256 colour mode, yet if I Open same file from Camera raw back into PS CC 2015 it loads and all colours look normal?


      Can someone point me in the right direction please? First PC is HP all in one, 2nd PC is Dell 9010 SFF with brand new Hybrid SSD 1tb installed.6-11-2015 8-45-08 a.m..jpg


      Normal as its always been above...and heres the new one I'm talking about below?

      Ashampoo_Snap_2015.11.06_14h16m28s_002_Camera Raw --DSC7930-NEF-.png

      Sincere thanks in advance.