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    Bullets list in flex spark text area control




      can we implement bullets list in spark text area control using TextLayoutFormat in flex. If yes, please let me know how can we do so. Through some of the searches in adobe forums, i came to know that the list format is not implemented in spark text area control. Is it still not implemented, if no, which version of TLF is having this implementation???


      My requirement is as follows

      • I have spark textarea and 3 buttons(bullets, numbered and
        alphabetical buttons) in UI.
      • Whenever I select some text in text area(say I have selected bullets list text), it should return me the format of that selection whether it is a numbered list or
        alphabetical list or bullets list etc.

      I have been struggling a lot to get a workaround for this. If we cant implement list using TLF in spark text area, please suggest me an alternate solution.

      I have gone through this link (http://richardleggett.co.uk/blog/2009/02/24/bullet_points_align_text_layout_framewor/). It would be great if you can provide me the solution with an example code.