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    AE CC 2015 Sync Settings - Adobe Refuses to Support!!


      I'm very surprised and disapointed at the level of support I'm getting from the Adobe team: I've had this issue open for the last two months and my support request ticket keeps getting closed without any resolution.


      Basically every time I try to sync settings from AE CC 2015, the application prompts me to restart the application in order to reset the settings to defaults(settings are reset to defaults after the restart). Basically sync settings does the same thing as clear settings.


      I've had the Adobe support team log onto my machine and they couldn't figure out the problem so they opened a ticket(2 months ago) and a couple of weeks ago they just closed the ticket with no response. I've tried over 15 times to contact support through the online chat and provided them with my reference case number, they say to hold on while they check and again nothing...they just close the chat.


      What the heck is going on with Adobe?!!! If this is a known issue, then I must be completely blind because I can't find it on any of the lists


      FYI, all the other CC applications that I'm using are syncing with no issues and I tried a fresh install of AE CC on a brand new machine


      Anyone in the community having this issue with AE?