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    Transparency preflight error with opacity


      So I made a purple oval with a text box inside and have the opacity at 70%. When I pull up my preflight panel it shows as an error. Even when I move it so it's not over the image I set it on it still reads as an error? How is this and how do I fix it? It's driving me nuts. Thanks!

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          Stephen_A_Marsh Adobe Community Professional

          Your preflight profile is using the “IMAGES and OBJECTS: Uses Transparency” checkbox. This may or may not be considered an “error” or “warning” depending on your workflow, the recipient of native or PDF files etc. What is the source object colour, process or spot? Do you really need opacity to create a lighter tint of the source colour, or could you use a tint of the source colour instead or create a new source colour that had the same final colour number values?