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    URGENT: Director APP crashes on jumping to other dir-file

    Level 7

      I have an dir file with a lot of sprites, with scripts on them, that
      communicate with each other through #sendAllSprites command.
      Many of these sprites have also an on exitFrame method in their behaviours.

      If I want to leave current Movie and jump to another one, the projector or
      Director crashes.
      I discovered, that it is bound with execution of some methods (for example
      exitframe) on that sprites.
      Player loads this second movie, obviously tries to execute some methods from
      first movie, does not find references to it and crashes

      Because, when I jump first to another frame in the same movie, without many
      sprites with scripts and without sprite communication, and jump to second
      movie from that "poor content" sprite - everything works Ok.

      How can I stop execution of all running events, methods etc (so I do not
      need to jump to some intermediate frame and then go to another movie)?

      Do I need to empty the scriptInstanceList for each Sprite, or is there other
      simple method fro stopping communication between sprites and execution of
      current scripts?

      Any help will be appreciated

      Thanx in advance