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    How to add a button that will email a form (that can no longer be edited) and not include button images?




      I have a form in adobe acrobat that has text fields, buttons to insert images, and buttons to delete the images.  These buttons are set to "visible but will not print" because I do not want them to show up after the form is completed.  For example, the buttons that say "click to delete image" shouldn't show up after the form is done being filled out. Typically, my company uses the "print to pdf" option to save the form and prevent it from being edited.  This method works well because the buttons I don't want to show up disappear.


      However, I now want to set up a button that will print the form to pdf (I don't want the form to be editable after submission) and email the form (in pdf format).  I have figured out how to email the form.  However, the buttons still show up.

      Is there a way to somehow set up a button that will print the pdf to a pdf and then email it so that the "visible but will not print" option will work correctly?  I have tried using the flatten javascript command which did prevent things from being edited, but it didn't get rid of the buttons that I do not want to show up.

      I am somewhat new to adobe acrobat and appreciate any help/suggestions.  Please let me know if my question is unclear.  Thanks!