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    Frame Glitching / Skipping?


      Well, I'm not sure how to name this problem, but I'm posting a video to make it all clear since it would be hard for me to describe. I'm trying to move from Vegas to After Effects, but every time I start doing something in it, some kind of error occurs...




      Anyone knows what's causing this, or is it fixable?



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          dissidently Level 2

          You've set the video to private, so nobody can see it.


          But, in general, I can answer your question.


          When coming from Vegas you'll have expectations of performance and quality that cannot be matched by AE.


          Go back to Vegas. What happens there stays there, and is only possible there.


          It's a better place, a happy place. Fudge whatever you need to do in Vegas, and you'll be happier, I promise.

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            josephm91948299 Level 1

            Sorry for the link, I think it should be working now.

            Here:  Adobe After Effects CS6 Problem - YouTube

            And I don't get what was so upsetting to you from my previous post? What, I'm not allowed to say what I've experienced?

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              First your MP settings are wrong and you probably should not be using MP rendering anyway. It's always been buggy, only supports a few codecs and can cause problems. If you are going to choose MP rendering then you must allocate at least 2 cores to background apps and the actual number of cores used plus the the cores for BG apps must equal the total number of cores. You should also allocate memory in 4 GB blocks. Not much is right with your MP settings. I would just turn it off.

              Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 9.35.58 PM.png

              The glitches you see in the preview can be caused by a number of things. First, is your AE up to date? Make sure that you have the latest version. If that does not fix the problem then the problem could be caused by decoding errors. We have no idea what codecs you are trying but Production codecs should be frame based and lossless or nearly lossless. The glitches could also be caused by problems with your graphics drivers. Make sure they are up to date and try checking the Display options by turning on and off hardware acceleration and preview quality.


              Last thing I noticed. It looks like you are trying to use AE as an editing tool. It is not a NLE. AE is designed to create shots and short sequences. 90% of my AE comps are 10 seconds or less and consist of a single shot that needs some kind of visual effect. Occasionally I'll do a short sequence. These shots and sequences will be taken into a NLE like Premiere Pro for finishing. I never finish anything longer than a short sequence in AE. Using AE as an editor is like trying to drive nails with a screwdriver. It will work but it's horribly inefficient.


              If updates, turning off MP or setting it up correctly and using production codecs (no MPEG) in your projects don't fix the problem then let us know. My CS6 through CC 2015 work just fine on all 3 machines I use for editing and compositing.

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                dissidently Level 2

                I'm not at all upset with you.


                In fact I empathise with you, entirely. I know the joy of using Vegas and its wonderful rendering and the breezy, easy way it handles codecs and time adjustments.


                I am trying to make it clear that you should not have high expectations of Adobe's software being better than Sony's.


                Sony has a terrible reputation for software. But Vegas is more stable, and massively more performant than AE and Premiere.


                If you can do what you want in Vegas, I'm suggesting you do that, to retain your sanity.


                AE is riddled with bugs, weird UI conventions and some horrid design choices.

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                  josephm91948299 Level 1

                  Thank You both for replying!


                  Anyways, I unchecked the multiprocessing, and yes, both Nvidia driver and AAE are up to date.
                  I tried hardware acceleration, nothing changes...


                  Actually, my first idea was to use Sony Vegas only for syncing and making a base for editing in AAE. These are the render settings I used for my videos in Sony Vegas:

                  Thanks guys for trying to help!

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                    StormyCPb Level 3

                    Vegas better than AE? Vegas is an editing software, so comparing it to AE makes no sense to begin with. Vegas has some basic animation, compositing and special effects tools but AE crushes it by comparison...

                    It only makes sense to compare it to Premiere:
                    Sony Vegas VS Adobe Premiere, Which One is Better?

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                      dissidently Level 2

                      Vegas is actually (originally) a sound editing app. Yes, AE is a compositor, and posits itself as an Effects app, but for the sake of sanity it's probably better for the user to find a way to compromise his vision and stick with Vegas. AE in its current form is too buggy to be enjoyable for a new user. They'll never know when they're doing something wrong versus the app doing something wrong - leading to IMMENSE frustration and exasperation.

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                        StormyCPb Level 3

                        AE 2015 is currently buggy (updates out at the end of the month I believe?) but there's always access to previous versions which I"ve been using for years and years and they're very much functional, usable and stable.

                        When it comes to graphics/vfx output, comparing Vegas to AE is like comparing MS Paint to Photoshop. There's a reason why Vegas has very little mention when it comes to professional usage.

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                          dissidently Level 2

                          Aside from not having ALL the features of AE, Vegas is actually better than using AE and Premiere for video editing and easier effects and post processing. MUCH better.


                          You'd be amazed how many people use it for 'professional' production. And its speed is astonishing.


                          Premiere is a dog in comparison. And AE is only necessary for high end visual effects, which it doesn't seem are necessary.


                          And, as I keep saying, time and time again, the user is probably better off compromising on his vision and completing his production in Vegas, since he knows it, and I know it's more stable and much faster than Premiere, and AE is bug ridden.


                          As to installing older versions of AE... well, only a master accustomed to the treatment of themselves as muppets by Adobe would even think that should be done.

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                            StormyCPb Level 3

                            These are just words, where's your evidence?

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                              josephm91948299 Level 1

                              Guys, doesn't matter. I like both Sony Vegas, and After Effects, as long as I get the results I want. Well, I started editing in Vegas because it seemed simpler than AAE. Both of the programs have their pros and cons...
                              Anyways, I'm still stuck at this, any other suggestions? :/

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                                dissidently Level 2

                                Please, try to understand what I'm saying:


                                You have 3 main options.


                                1. Persist with AE and deal with many different problems throughout your experience, and eventually achieve whatever it is you imagine you need AE for, deadline 2017.


                                2. Throw away AE and reconsider your objective, changing it to fit the capabilities of the software you use that is not AE, in this case Vegas.


                                3. Find an alternative to AE that does whatever it is that you're attempting to do that can't be done in Vegas, learn that, and become a true pro.


                                I'm strongly suggesting you go for option 2, for just some of the reasons I've already stated.

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                                  StormyCPb Level 3

                                  iI'm not debating the issues with 2015, they are obvious. My point is that AE 2014 is still great, just because a car is one year old doesn't mean it's a pile of redundant junk...


                                  Option 4: Download AE 2014, do your work with that until 2015/16 is fixed, become a great AE op and leave the toys with the boys .... or try Blackmagic Design's Fusion lol (plus it's free for non commerical use!)

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                                    dissidently Level 2

                                    2014 is not great, it has a raft of issues, too, just less than the ponderous and problematic 2015.

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                                      Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                      There are a bunch of folks using CC 2014 and 2015 daily as professionals. My biggest problem with your workflow is that you keep saying that you want to Edit in AE. AE is not a NLE, never was. Is not supposed to be. AE is for creating shots. If you want to process one of the shots in your video then the wisest workflow is to work on that shot in it's own comp. If you have 20 shots, then you should be making 20 comps.


                                      I have no problems with AE or Premiere Pro. In PPro I can edit as fast as I can think. I rough cut a 14 minute scene from a TV pilot this morning in about 35 minutes. Never waited for anything. It will take a couple of days to add in the VFX to the 30 or so shots that I need to send to AE, then a couple of hours to fine tune the edit to send it to the director for approval. Match your system to the system requirements, use good hard drives and standard production formats and AE and PPro work just fine together. Foul up the software configurations and work on a machine that barely meets the requirements and you are going to have some delays.

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                                        StormyCPb Level 3

                                        A 'raft' of issues that has not held up my workflow working in post production either.

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                                          dissidently Level 2

                                          That kind of speed in Premiere is only possible if you happen to know exactly which codecs to use. Premiere's performance is absolutely tied to the ideal codecs, something that's not on the box, and rarely discussed because you already know which ones to use. For everyone else, it's not a matter of hardware, Premiere will grind to a slow, glacial like halt for all but the right codecs, no matter what the hardware.


                                          This is not true of FCPX and Vegas. Almost no matter what codecs you give them they'll find a way to make it performant for the user.

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                                            dissidently Level 2

                                            Probably the most annoying part of things is that this guy is probably suffering from a stuttering in playback because of a codec he's using that doesn't play well with Adobe's software.


                                            But everyone in these forums gets butthurt and defensive if there's any suggestion that AE and Premiere are sensitive to the choice of codecs. Then they double down on it being professional software and attempt to obfuscate the fact that Adobe software hasn't moved with the times, and is incredibly fussy about codecs. Neither AE or Premiere like working with a LOT of codecs.


                                            If Adobe users and advocates and defenders actually ever tried other software they'd be stunned at the responsiveness and general performance.

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                                              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                              Not to brag but I use Nuke, Avid, Final Cut, Resolve, Fusion  and a bunch of other software in my freelance business. Not one of them is perfect. Properly configured and following industry-standard workflows most do a really good job  at what they are designed to do.   CC 2015 it's a bit of a mess on some things but to say that After Effects and Premier Pro are not professional apps capable of professional outout is not only unfair but inaccurate.  Adobe works very hard at trying to squash bugs and deliver effective tools. Feel free to choose any other software. The best tool for the job always depends on the job and the budget.

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                                                dissidently Level 2

                                                That's not what I'm saying, at all.


                                                My point, you have, somehow, though, managed to prove.


                                                You've said "properly configured, and following industry-standard workflows ..."


                                                Without saying WHICH CODECS DO YOU USE?


                                                Which ones give YOU the amazing performance you claim to have in Premiere?


                                                How hard is it to say what YOU use?

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                                                  dissidently Level 2

                                                  And somehow you've also managed to avoid a direct comparison in performance between FCPX and Premiere.


                                                  Come on... it's ok to admit it. The performance of FCPX is stunning. The fluidity of scrolling and sampling content of video files and scrubbing the timeline... it's an order of magnitude more responsive than Premiere on the same machine.


                                                  I can't stand the way the timelines are used for editing in FCPX (and Avid sucks at this, too) but this is where Premiere is closest to Vegas. Vegas has the best timeline of any editing app.

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                                                    Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                    I cut 90% in Premiere Pro with no problems as fast as I can think. Final Cut is OK but complex project file management is not very good for me. Avid has the best project management by far but I don't use it very often and I don't like their customer support at all. I'm done arguing. If you hate Adobe products then don't use them. I don't use any products that don't make me money.

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                                                      dissidently Level 2

                                                      Again, for the good of everyone, in particular the OP... which codecs are you using in Adobe software that give you this amazing performance?

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                                                        StormyCPb Level 3

                                                        When it comes to AE, I tend to request lossless image sequences (tiff/png) or short QT animation codec movs... and again, for the good of everyone, I have very few disagreements with AE2014 or AE generally for the 12-odd years I've been using it. Vegas on the other hand, for graphics?? Blech... You'll never hear a professional say 'oh I better compromise my vision and use this stripped back, sub-par software to finish my work..'