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    copyPixels + alpha channel troubles flash8

      Hi, some times ago i was expected a problem with copyPixels routine.
      look at the sample.

      Anybody can help me ?

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          arunbe Level 1
          whats your problem here ???
          The Hands bitmaps arent loaded.
          and also the undefined trace statement in your code....
          May i know whts your problem with copyPixel in this code ????
          • 2. copyPixels + alpha channel troubles flash8
            n0wa Level 1
            why you think its not loaded ?
            one guy on the other forum tell me that is the only way to copy image+alpha over image+alpha multiple times.
            the way like this.

            problem is here.
            i try to create a char from 4 transparent images, result image also must have alpha channel.
            and i cannot do that. Four calls of copyPixels works normally only if result image is not transparent.

            code below isnt right.. its a result of panic ;)

            sorry about bad language.