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    Expand the capability of searches within kuler

    Danilo Celic Level 2
      I'd like to suggest that the search function be enhanced:
      1. Ability to search for color values. Personally, I'd be using hex color values, such as 003366, or maybe #003366, and would expect a search for either of those values to return any color combos that contain the specified value. A plus feature would allow tolerance searches as well.

      2. The text search seems to only include the name of the color combo, but it seems that you need to have a specific number of characters you have to enter before any match will occur. For example, there is a color combo named "Dolores". If you search for "d", "do", "dol", or "dolo" you get no results, but "dolor" does return the Dolores item.

      Side note for this item, if you do a search, your search term is erased and replaced with "Search" which I don't care for as it doesn't allow for refining a search (which doesn't seem like it currently possible anyway), but a visual issue is that the cursor within that text field is left in place from the search, and so the insertion point is placed after the last letter of the search. So if you search for "dolo" it is replaced by Search and the cursor is between the r and the c. If the search term really has to be replaced with "Search" then the cursor position should be reset.