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    No Depth Information from a Tripod Pan Solve

    lornaimw Level 1

      This is something I'm normally pretty OK with on the default settings but I'm often having little joy with this recently even with using the advanced settings.


      I track the shot and I get the marker points but the No Depth Information from a Tripod Pan Solve error and therefore no depth, which is half of what I really needed.


      Is this something that isn't quite right with cc 2015.0.1 or are my shots just hard to track? I wouldn't have said the shots were difficult at all but I've been having on and off success with this and I'm just interested to know how it's working for everyone else right now. As a side note I was also trying to get solid shapes out of mocha the other day for this same project and all I could get is a tracked mask, again, not really what I was after. Oops!


      Thanks all