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    Is there an e-mail address for tech support at creative cloud? I want to send a screen shot requested by chat support. [title edited for searchability; was "I APOLOGIZE IN ADVANCE IF I AM IN THE WRONG PLACE"]


      I FINALLY FOUND A WAY TO TALK TO TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE AT ADOBE VIA CHAT THE OTHER EVENING, IT WAS 1:30 and MENTAL FATIQUE WAS making it impossible for me to continue so i asked the tech the email i could send the file that he wanted me to make from a screen shot and i would send it in the morning,  he gave me a link, and the next day i tried to get the system to error again, so i could make the screen shot and send it,  24 hours later it finally err'd and when i clicked the link he gave me it asks me questions, after the 30th question i got exasperated  I JUST WANT TO SEND THE FING SCREEN SHOT so they can fix their damn program.  does anyone know the email address for tech support at CREATIVE CLOUD?


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