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    conversion to mp4 format fails


      hello everyone in the adobe presenter community!


      First of all, i would to apologize my bad english, as it's not my native language. (i'm french, so feel free to answer me in my own language if you can !)

      I'm facing a problem with presenter 11 and i don't find anything in that forum nor in the user-guide.


      in fact it doesn't react the same way presenter 8 did.


      i'm working in office 2013 and since the upgrade to presenter 11, when i want to preview any job or presentation, a problem happens during conversion process (conversion of media1.wmv to mp4...) the process fails, and the software "adobe converter" shows up and nothing else happens !

      before, everything was automatic, adobe converter never poped-up like that !!, and i don't know how to get rid of this annoying problem !

      if only "converter" was doing his job... but nothing is running at all !

      i just quit the software and this acion cancel the entire process


      it happens also when i want to generate the presentation (not only in preview mode)


      please tell me what am i doing wrong ? i'm probably missing something stupid, but i need to get my jobs done !

      any ideas are welcome !


      kind regads

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          RicherRags Adobe Employee

          Sorry for the delayed response.


          In Presenter 10, we added the publish output as HTML5 and in that context we added Adobe Media Encoder to the import video workflow to convert video files to MP4.

          Now Adobe Media Encoder should convert video files (in most formats) to MP4, but sometimes it may not be able to handle some conversions (depends on the encoding of the source video).


          Presenter 11 also works the same way, for this workflow.


          One possibility you may want to consider is to convert all video files that you want to use in your project to MP4 before importing them in Presenter.

          In this case Adobe Media Encoder wont be invoked since the video is already MP4.