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    Lightroom 6 import catalog from Photoshop Elements incomplete




      The manager of the company i'm working at takes many photos in his spare time. He has got a problem with moving from Photoshop Elements to Lightroom. I'm working at the IT department and use Lightroom myself. So he asked me for help.


      He used PSE (Version 9) several years for organizing his pictures. From time to time he had problems with the PSE catalogs. Thumbnails wouldn't be created, PSE crashed and so on. So he created several catalogs splitted in years that they don't grow too much. But this also didn't help constantly. So he decided to switch to Lightroom (6) - the more professional tool...


      We tried to import the catalogs from PSE. The import process ends without errors, but it only imports for example 24 photos from a catalog with several hundred photos in it. I thought it might be a problem that PSE is quite old. I installed the trial of PSE 14, upgraded the catalog to v 14 and tried the import in Lightroom. Same problem.

      The catalogs and pictures are on an external HDD. I moved the catalog in PSE to Drive C. Same problem.

      The 24 pictures that worked are jpgs. All other Nikon RAW. I added a new jpg to the catalog. It was imported in LR. I added a new NEF to the catalog. It was also imported in LR...

      I repaired and "optimized" the catalogs several times. Same problem.

      None of the catalogs i tried were imported complete.


      So i contacted the adobe support chat. The only answer i got was "we don't guarantee that importing a PSE catalog works" - kind of "**** happens". Very frustrating.


      I hope somebody knows the right hint for me.

      Almost forgot: the computer runs on Windows 10.


      Thank you in advance