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    Stupid Question

      I have just downloaded the trial version of Director and am interested in using it to create CD's but also to create a web page. I have read through the getting started info and using Director and have done the sample movie and it looks like this program will work for everything but I have not been able to find any information on how it is published to the web. If I have a website and I want to put something very simple I created, what are the next steps? Where can it be hosted? Is it an easy enough process for someone without any experience? Is there anything I am missing?

      Thanks for any info!
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          To put a Director file on the web you publish to Shockwave (the browser
          plugin for running Director files).
          Read the help around publish options, and check the Shockwave and HTML
          tabs of the File -> Publish Settings dialog.
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            Hi Charles,

            I have a tutorial on creating Shockwave at:

            Director will create a HTML page that calls the Shockwave movie. Typically, a
            website that has shockwave would just have the shockwave element as one part of the
            page and may have text, graphics or other things in the page as well. You can use a
            program like Dreamweaver to edit and link HTML pages.

            In terms of haveing your site hosted and then uploading, that's not too difficult.
            There are lots of places that will host for a relatively low price and they will
            give you info on how to upload your pages. there are also free sites that allow you
            to ahve your own website. Howevr, these typically involve having lots of
            advertisements surrounding your pages.


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              It seems you got an answer, to complement the info, go to publish settings and check/unckeck the publish formats (check html if you choose shockwave, this will generate the HTML code to open your .dcr file by double-clicking the HTML file)

              As an advice, there are not stupid questions, just stupid answers (i am not talking about the answers of this thread)

              Good luck in your start.