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    Problems with file syncing in CC Teams over several devices.

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      I work in Adobe CC Teams with one other team member. Between the two of us, we use several devices to access our files. Part of my responsibilities included managing our product labeling. We are governed by USDA, Oregon Tilth and Demeter for our labeling content. So it is critical that I have complete control over our label content and can trust that all our files are syncing across all our devices.


      Recently we completely reworked an entire product line, aprox. 190 different SKUs, and it appears that changes I have made on my home office system or that my team mate has made remotely are not always syncing. I cannot replicate the behavior and I'm not sure when it happened originally, but something is definitely going on. A print out of the master file was updated and proofed in October. The file was reprinted again around Nov 2nd and many of the changes disappeared. I doesn't make sense to me because the printout was done from the same device (a desktop computer located in our manufacturing facility). It almost seems like the sync ran and over wrote the files with older versions instead of updating changes.


      Also, on several occasions I have opened folders to discover "conflicted copies" of file from both my account and my team mates. I usually delete these files as they appear to be the same as the "original" file.


      I am running Yosemite on both desktops I work on, I have an iPhone 6 and iPad with current operating systems and my team mate is working in Windows on her desktop and laptop and off her iPhone.