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    Calling Javascript from another js


      Hi Forum.


      Need a help from you. I would like to call the external script into the script installed in Acrobat/Javascript folder. it's a simple folder level startup script. Below is the small piece of code. Tried in 2 different method but not working.


      Thanks for your immediate help on this.



      var MY_Call = app.trustedFunction(function()  // the function of the script installed in javascript script folder.




      // Method 1 calling the external js file

      #includepath "/Users/User1/Desktop/Check_without_names/"

      #include "PDFScript_New_Artworking_V4.js";


      // Method 2 calling the external js file

      $.getscript("/Users/User1/Desktop/Check_without_names", function() {

      anotherScript() });






      Could you please look into this and help me.


      Great thanks.