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    font dropdown to change dynamic text box?

      Hello, pretty new to Flex... well very! First Day! The MXML seems pretty simple enough but having some trouble i guess on the actionscript side! I want to create a very cut down version of a text editor. Very cut down! 2 textboxes one input the other dynamic... type some text in one it outputs to the other. Easy! but now i want to add a drop down with embeded fonts... ive embeded my fonts and there working fine. But i want to apply each font style to my options in the drop down (bit like the system fonts drop down examples you see) im making my combobox from an ArrayCollection with aload of Strings. i also want a function to change the font type on my dynamic textbox from a dropdown option click="" if that makes sense. Bit confused think i might b looking into it to deeply. Its just simple for a customized car license plate builder... i want them to have the ability to enter there registration and change the font and color etc. Can anyone point me or show me something im a bit flexed out... sure im being silly about this!