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    Legacy Lightroom Problem

    Ralph Tomaccio Level 1

      Being retired and not using Lightroom on a regular basis, I have had no need to upgrade to CC and currently still using LR v3.6. I recently upgraded the iMac OS to El Capitan and ever since doing so, I cannot import images from my camera as in the past. LR cannot see the camera when connected at all. What does automatically happen is that Apple's Photo software now automatically opens.


      Since I prefer LR's features, I would like to continue with that, but I have not found any way to stop Photos from opening or LR to connect to my camera. Any suggestions? Or, is it time to scrap LR and resign myself to using Photos? Paying for Lightroom CC for the little I use it is not an option.


      My camera also does not appear on the desktop as it had in the past.