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    Need to convince IT managers that Flash 9 is safe!

    swickes Level 1
      I have an opportunity to create a great Flex application that my company will sell to Fortune 500 companies. My boss thinks we're going to get pushback from Fortune 500 IT managers because Flash 9 is "too new", "too risky", or "we just don't allow any plugin downloads at our company!

      Personally, I think arguments are silly, and I don't expect to hear them from top-quality, informed IT managers.

      But to get started, I need to show my boss info that building an application based on Flash 9 is not "risky business!" Links to white papers, News articles or even blogs will be greatly appreciated.

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          peterent Level 2
          We do hear that a lot. Flash 9 in completely compatable with every SWF ever made - try to get any other piece of software to do that!

          Flash 9 is also chock full of security features making it one of the safest pieces of software around. If anyone in your company goes to a site with Flash content, then they already allow plug-ins; they probably don't even know they have the Flash player!

          Check out www.flex.org as a starting place. There are links to all kinds of stuff there. Good luck and we appreciate your efforts. Contact me off-line if you'd like to speak to an Adobe account representative in your area.