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    BUG in Color Workspace, current release Premiere Pro 2015

    Andrew Pernicano Level 1

      I'm having issues with playback from Program and Source monitor that I've documented here: PrPro 2015 - PC - Source & Program Monitors, Lumetri Scopes not refreshing, then exiting PrPro, window closes BUT never leaves "Processes"


      Spent an hour on chat with level 1 from Adobe tech support and she maintains there is a BUG with the Color Workspace template and that I should avoid using it altogether until the fix arrives in an update later this month. A quick search didn't turn up anything on it, has anyone similar info on the matter?


      My question to her was, "which panel specifically" has the bug? Lumetri? If I were to reconstruct the similar arrangement of panels would I still encounter the BUG? She only said, "the whole thing" which sounds counter-intuitive and leads me to believe she know not what she speaks of.


      My issue is I'm still within 30 days of return policy of this brand new system and if there is a chance something is wrong with the computer, I want to get it resolved/replaced. Cannot wait for this alleged BUG fix to arrive. My CPU gets hammered (80-100 percent) periodically while scrubbing timeline with only Lumetri and cross-dissolves applied--no other effects, and video stops playing while audio continues. RAM and disk utilization remain low.  Trying to get the video to snap to the play head doesn't work in either Program or Source monitors. I basically have to wait for the CPU utilization to drop back down before Premiere responds.