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    How Can I Prevent InDesign CS6 From Crashing in Windows 10?

    kellybellis Level 1

      Sometime after upgrading from Win7 Pro (64-bit) to Win10 Pro (64-bit) (August 29, 2015), and being first noticed today (20151106), InDesign CS6 has been reliably crashing each time it's been launched and usually within the first few minutes of launching while working on a new document. Today's first launching of ID took an inordinate length of time. Subsequent launches behaved normally insofar as the time to load was concerned. The application's Open a Recent Item list was blank. Subsequent launchings only display the today's document. Contrasting, Windows' recent document list (a dozen listed) related to this app looks fine. Prior to today, InDesign, like my many other programs, has been working normally since the OS upgrade, at least during the month of September when I had (5) separate ID projects worked on. No time spent in InDesign in October.


      Has anybody else observed similar misbehavior lately? If not, then that would also be good to learn. Thank you for any replies.