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    [Request] [CreateJS] [Flash CC] A way to change CreateJS publish scripts




      Please, could somebody tell me if there is any chance to change CreateJS scripts for publishing from Flash CC 2015?


      I was able to find the file "Publish for CreateJS.jsfl", which is located in "Common\Configuration\Publish\Canvas\jsfl", but if you try open it, you'll find that it's obfuscated or something like that, because it consists of strange characters and at the beginning of it we may find part of a phrase: MACROMEDIAOBFU. I guess it means that we can't read jsfl file, because it was obfuscated by Flash/CreateJS team.


      I am asking about it because it looks like there are some features that might be fixed by developers themselves, without asking CreateJS about some features. And it definetely might imrpove workflow of people who try to work with CreateJS.


      I really think that this may improve the whole workflow project and give an excellent change for developers to improve the current stage of CreateJS + Flash CC combination. I am a Flash developer with experience over 8-9 years, and I really love the way I may work and prepare assets in Flash. But, on the current stage, CreateJS publish is not as polished as many of us want it to be =( It's a pity.


      Maybe there is a way to create an official GitHub repository only for this project and give all developers chance to participate in developing such a great tool?