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    Creating interactive InDesign forms


      I'm creating an interactive pdf form in InDesign CC. Can I make either one text field or another required? (eg. P.O. Box and Street Address — address should be required, but only one or the other.) Similarly, I need several radio buttons under one category. More than one button can be selected, but I would like to require at least one selection.



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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          The workflow is to create the form in InDesign, and complete and fine tune it in Acrobat Pro. You can make any field Required and you choose List Boxes or Check Boxes if you want the user to be able to select more than one topic to tick (unlike Radio Buttons where only one option can be selected).

          You need to Save as Other > Reader Extended, the form in Acrobat so the user can Store the data they enter.

          Keep a copy of your form as once it's 'reader enabled' it can't be changed.