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    CF11 - cfspreadsheet errors with more than 4000 cells


      I'm trying to generate a 3 tab Excel spreadsheet using cfspreadsheet.  My code worked in CF10, but errors in CF11 (fully patched as of 11/1/2015).  The error is:


      The maximum number of cell styles was exceeded. You can define up to 4000 styles in a .xls workbook

      First thing I tried was to comment out all SpreadsheetFormatSomething functions, but that failed.  I do see that another user encountered the error (https://bugbase.adobe.com/index.cfm?event=bug&id=4022999) but I have not found any solution. It looks like when Adobe "improved" the spreadsheet functions for CF11, they probably added/cloned a POI style with every new cell.  Does anyone have a solution/wokaround for this problem?  Will Adobe fix/patch this anytime soon?

      Thanks in advance for the help,