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    Please help with Aperture to Lightroom Migration




      I'm having a few issues with a migration from Aperture to Lightroom and would be very grateful for any advice.


      1. In anticipation of the migration, I moved all of my managed and referenced photos to an external hard drive. When I tried to copy this to another drive, it became clear that about 200 of my 50,000 photos were corrupted (an Error Code 36) appeared in finder. I then painstakingly went through folder-by-folder and found the corrupted photos and colour tagged them in Finder.


      2. I now have the Referenced Archive on one hard drive with the corrupted photos   and   a copy of this archive on another hard drive without the corrupted photos. Aperture is still pointed at the first, corrupted archive.


      I'm not sure how to proceed from here.


      1. Should I first point Aperture to the archive without the corrupt photos? If I do this, how will it react to the 200 missing photos?

      2. Once I do that, when I try the migration to Lightroom, how will it deal with the missing photos?

      3. I saw some other mention of "generating previews" before the migration. Should I be doing this in Aperture or Lightroom and how do I do it?


      Finally, does anyone have any guess as to how those photos might have been corrupted? Is it likely a problem with the Camera, SD Card, Computer, Hard Drive...? I have no idea and would like to prevent the problem from recurring in the future.


      Thanks in advance for any tips.