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    Possible editing laptop on sale today

    JFPhoton Level 3

      ...at "New egg" today is a "refurbished" Asus gaming laptop for sale for $869, plus, a $50 rebate card....final cost $ 819.    I bought one like this 15 months ago and have had great luck and good performance with it.


      Here is the one on sale :


      Asus G750JM-BSI7N24



      This model has a better CPU than mine and a better GPU.  I have many good things to say about this machine.


      1. Although the CPU does NOT have 6 or 8 cores like a desktop Haswell E system, the 4 core, ( 8 thread) Haswell CPU in this machine turbos up to 3.5 Ghz on all 4 cores under load.....that is great for a laptop.......my version turbos up to 3.3, so, this is an improvement over my G 750JW. The newest and WAY more expensive laptops do NOT offer much improvement over this CPU speed.


      2. The 860m NVidia GPU is better than the 765m in my machine. The only negative is that THIS 860m comes with 2GB of video memory, although there are 4GB variants on other  EXPENSIVE machines. However, not being a "9xx series " GPU, the user CAN overclock very safely the memory clock and even to a smaller extent, the GPU clock to significantly increase the " memory bandwidth" of the card...and thus, performance.

          I use the free utility " MSI Afterburner" to safely do this and the laptop's cooling is so robust that the GPU temp NEVER goes above 65C under the most intensive gaming with TWO 1440p WQHD 60Hz IPS  monitors attached PLUS the native 17.3" screen running !!! With Premiere, it stays in the 40s range and under heavy rendering may go into the 50s.......great laptop performance!

          Without overclocking the GPU, the stock memory bandwidth is 64.1GB/sec. WITH an easily achieved over clock of +66 on the GPU clock AND +1000 on the memory clock, ( using the Afterburner's numbers on their scale), my memory bandwidth increases to 96.1......a FIFTY PER CENT IMPROVEMENT !!!....with NO heat issues  !! This increase in bandwidth can help compensate for the suggested requirement to have at least 3 GB of video memory when working with 4K material.... though not entirely. It WILL do 4K....within certain limits realtime.....you may have to render previews,or, limit tracks, or, effects to a degree...or, just transcode clips to "edit friendly" DNxHR,or, Cineform. 1080p is a BREEZE with this machine, especially using the most current version of PPro CC, ( which uses greater memory and handles 4K better than previous software versions).


      3. The laptop comes with an HDMI 1.4 port AND a "mini-displayport" , ( which is version 1.1...NOT 1.2 and is also called "Thunderbolt 1 " ).  These ports support FULL resolution of WQHD, ( 2560 x 1440p) monitors at 60 frames per second. I am doing this myself as we speak with 2 27" IPS monitors running PLUS the native screen with NO problems,or, heat.

           I believe these ports support a full 4K monitor at 30fps. Of course, the "Thunderbolt port" can ALSO be used to connect higher speed external storage of about 1GB per second bi- directional.


      4. the laptop is EASILY self-upgradeable. To get the BEST performance you MUST first INCREASE the system memory...which is EASILY done. There are two ACCESSIBLE empty memory slots on the bottom side of the laptop. Placing two 8 GB sticks in there will increase your system memory to 24 GB, which is very good. The OTHER two slots are NOT accessible, as they are under the keyboard and would require complete disassembly to get at. They will have an existing 4 GB stick in each slot. This is too bad, because the laptop supports a full 32 GB of memory. If you are BRAVE, you may try this disassembly yourself to achieve the 32GB of memory. I did this with my older G73JW and was successful.....it is tricky, requires patience and tiny tweezers for minute ribbon cables !


      5. the included storage arrangement will be useless....you MUST clone the contents of the original, crappy 5400 rpm 1 TB hard drive onto a Samsung Pro 850 SSD, OR, a Crucial MX 200 SSD. The GOOD news is that this laptop offers the capability to RAID 0 TWO fast SSDS together !!! I have not done this, but, considering that brand new Crucial MX 200 1TB SSDs are only $350 with almost identical performance to the Samsung 850 Pros, I would be TEMPTED to install one into each of the two 2.5" HDD bays on the machine and RAID 0 them together to achieve a WICKED speed of 1.1GB/sec read and 1 GB / sec write speed, with a total capacity of 2 TB !! That would increase the total investment. I just use two separate 500GB SSDs and get great performance.....but, it WOULD be better with the RAID 0.   Currently, the 500 GB MX 200s are $173 if you would use THEM for top performance in a RAID 0 and a total capacity of 1 TB.


      6. My machine arrived in brand new like condition, with all the plastic still on it....it was flawless and the SECOND " refurbished" laptop I have bought from new Egg over the years....I have been lucky, no issues with EITHER of the "Refurbished" machines.


      Anyone considering a laptop purchase may want to consider this one. It offers solid performance for CHEAP compared to high end laptops which can go into the 4 and 5 thousand dollar range. My experience with this machine has been great, and thats why I wrote this.


      Go to : ppbm7.com to see the result of my model laptop, ( which is under Bill Gehrke), on the video benchmark test......Bill has the same laptop.  Only one laptop shows faster.....one which has not only a RAID O SSD storage setup, but, one which has an even faster CPU PLUS the massive 980m NVidia GPU with 8 GB of video memory !!! THAT laptop is VERY expensive....between 4 and 5 thousand dollars !!


      For THAT money, I would build a desktop Haswell E system !!


      Check out the sale.....good luck !!!