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    LR CC and Win10 Crashes


      So, I'm just about done with Win10 however I feel the problem lies with Lightroom itself. I can't get any work done since switching to Windows 10 because Lightroom keeps crashing my PC with "system service exception". Lightroom is the only program that causes Win10 to crash. Sometimes in the Develop module, however It consistently crashes during exports.


      Here is a list of what I've tried so far, and I have contacted Adobe with no luck so far...


      -Tried several different video drivers

      -Unchecking the "Use Video GPU" thing

      -Disabling the "Import Screen" (Adobe Support Recommended)

      -Un/Reinstall Creative Cloud as well as Lightroom

      -Complete system reformat with fresh install of everything and full version of Windows 10 64bit


      Any help at all would be amazing!!!