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    Color balance blues seem purple?


      So I'm basically a AE novice. About 6 years ago I had a stint of interest in lightsabers and leaned the method from YouTube tutorials. Even made a short fan film for my nephew and son


      Basic color method was simple. Mids and highlights for the color you wanted your Saber to be. You can see this in the other test videos on my page.

      Long story short 6 years later I decided I want to start doing a few again for my younger son,  boot up CS3, finish a short 5 sec video for my son and go to apply the color and.....blues look purple. Green is fine and so are the other colors but I have to use a green mix to even get a sort of cyan color. If I add any more color it looks horrible.......I downloaded CCA 2015..and same issue.

      Any advice would be appreciated.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          It's not clear what you are asking and I can't see your footage due to copyright restrictions on the music. The effect no doubt is working just fine, your footage is just different or you forgot a step.



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            TheOnlyDoor Level 1

            Hmm you must be in another country I guess if you can't see the footage.

            Anyways, I think I just figured out the problem last night. I shot another still photo in different lighting just to test and........blue is blue this time. I have a few soft yellow house lamps with yellow shade covers on them and the short footage I shot of my son must have been awash with it and messed up my adding color balance to the white glow.

            It all I can guess.

            Thanks for replying though.