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    how to read an external file?

      I would like to limit the distribution of files I make by means of a license system.

      The only way I can think of doing this is to have a file on my webserver. the file would be found at http://mazeteam.co.uk/resources/licenses/gw1.php and would be a list of domains ie:

      I would then like an actionscript command to load this file into the flash file, then check the hosting domain of the swf - if the swf is playing from a domain in the list, it plays - if someone has put it on their website, but the domain name isn't on the list then the swf wouldn't play.
      if anyone could help me on this I'd appreciate it, as it prevents people stealing my animations and distributing them on their own site. if somebody wanted my animation, they'd need to pay me to have their domain added to the list.