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    hibernate in cf

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      i'm facing again problem with libraries used by coldfusion itself and =

      java libraries - now hibernate :-)
      in this blog http://www.mattwoodward.com/blog/index.cfm?commentID=3D12=
      3 i =

      found inspiration. rename packages of common libraries (in this case =

      commons-logging, log4j a hibernate itself). unfortunatelly author of thi=
      s =

      post doesn't yet respond to my mail ... so before i do the work by mysel=
      f =

      i want to ask cf community if someone else done this work already.


      why macromedia (now adobe) doesn't rename conflicting packages a let oth=
      er =

      face with these conflicts ? i see that cf uses more "open libraries", =

      compared cf6 and cf7 ...